Rename + Replication problem


I’m working with a table called “Contract Prices” in Dynamics, and it has one primary key composed of seven fields.

I am working too with SymmetricDS Database Replicacion.

The problem is when users modify one of this fields, the replication doesn’t work. Someone know how solve this problem?

Moreover, I want detect in dynamics when is a user who modifies one rec of the table or when is a process, but I don’t know how to detect this. I tried it with the USERID variable , but this variable always is the user sesion be it one user or one process. Someone know if exists another variable of the system or method to detect it?


You can write code into OnInsert and OnModify trigger to capture the User id. in available field of the table.

For modifying keys take a look into the modifyall function.


What I understand from your question is that you want to detect who modified the tables contents( or renamed the records).

If so, you can use the Navision in-built functionality “Change log” of Navision.

Thanks, but I had not explained very well. I want put a Error message, for example in the OnModify trigger of the table, and when user Id modify one table field it can detect the name sesion of user, example “PeterMB”, and when a autorun process, a process as a code in codeunit that is inaccesible for the user and RTC, the USERID for example would changed for “System” if it has executed.

It would help me to no fill of errors the “validates” of the page, and when I or other person of my department want execute a process to modify one field, the process don’t will stop by the error.

Thanks for your responses.

As per your first post it mentioned that a primary key was modified by a user and you want to track of that, may be it is by a automation or a user intervention.

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  2. You can create fields in the table to capture who has inserted records and who has modified them.