RENAME(Old,New) Error

Ok. I know this should be easy, but it would be really nice to not have to do this in a shell. I’m reaching out to Windows 2000 and asking it to rename a file using the Navision RENAME(OldName,NewName) and I’m getting the following error: “The expresstion Text cannot be type-converted to a Option value” I’ve tried it multiple ways with or without a boolean on the front end to indicate results and it appears that C/Side wants to perform these operations on a record and not pass them to the shell. Win2k Pro, Nav 3.6 binaries… Ideas? [V]

RENAME is also used to rename records (change the primary key values). Try FILE.RENAME(OldName, NewName)

Bless you my son. Life is good now. Don’t you wish the Navision C/Side Help had that little tidbit instead of showing syntax that will compile, but not run?! Oh well, I guess that’s why we get the big bucks, huh! [:D]