rename company name in axapta (front end)

Hi to the expert, just want to know if anyone can give an input on how to rename the company name in axapta? comparing it in NAV that we can easily rename it in front end.

thanks in advance. appreciate your thoughts…


You cannot rename an existing company in Ax. This is because the company Id is set as ‘dataareaId’ in all records for the company. However -

  • You can duplicate an existing company
  • Give the new company the name you want and
  • Finally copy the data from old company to this new company.

To do the above click duplicate button under Admin → Common forms → Company accounts.

Always make sure you test this in a test environment before trying in production.


The company account code you cannot change, the company name however you can over-type in Admin-Common Forms - Compay account.

If however you mean the name of the company, as would be printed, this is held in Basic - Setup - Company Information.

It depends what you are doing and why.

thanks!well appreciated…