Removing VB from Clients to Server

Would be greatful for a little input sloving this matter I have third party dll that communicates with a server via Internet. I have created an activeX rapper for this dll and have this working nicely with Navision. [:)] Problem is that I must install this VB program at every client that want’s to use this function that’s 30 or so. Has any one any ideas how I can improve on this installation? I was thinking on the lines of moving my VB program to an iis server and have the navision communicate with it via http. Or Using MS message queue (I think this would also involve instalation programs at the client) Regards Graham.

Hi Graham Do you expect to communicate two way over the internet or are you just sending information. If the transaction does not have to happen in real time and a short delay and I am only talking 5 mins you should think about using NAS. You could have a table where you pass the information with a boolean to indicate if it has been processed. The NAS server can then process all the unprocessed lines. You would then only have to put your activeX onth the computer running NAS. Paul Baxter

Hello Pual What I am doing is creating Customer and Vehicle records from the vehicle license number. So to answer you question I need a fast communication between Navision and Server via Internet Regards Graham