Removing receipted purchase orders

My company sometimes raises Purchase Orders, receipts the goods/service but then for various reasons raise a seperate Purchase invoice to post the goods to the ledger. As a result, we have a set of Purchase Orders that we cannot delete as the receipts have been posted, but likewise we cannot post as an invoice as this will duplicate the already entered invoice. Is there another way I can remove the invoices from the system?

When you create an invoice, you can use Functions=>Get Shipment lines or use periodic activities => combine shipments (you need to put flag “Combine shipments” on tab shipping of customer card and it will only work for the new orders). After invoicing the shipments, you can delete the orders with periodic activities=>Delete Sales documents=>delete invoiced sales orders.

Gary, if you are on version 3.6 onward (not sure about 3.01 and 3.10) you can “undo” the purchase receipt (at least the item part). Go to the receipt form, highlight the lines you want to undo and then “Functions - Undo receipt”. If you are on a previous version (or for services affecting Accounts), then it will be necessary to post the invoice, basically for costing issues. As a second step you’ll have to post credit memos to reverse the duplicate invoice (use the Copy document funcionality). If you want to undo “account” type lines, then you’ll have to include some modifications in the process to make this possible. By the way, what about your inventory, don’t you have duplicate entries because of having posted the reception from the order, and then again the invoice? Saludos Nils