Removing physical reserve in sales order even though full quantity is invoiced

In sales order full quantity is invoiced but order status remains as open order while checking in line deliver remainder is 144, physical reserved is 141 and on order is 3 was updated, tried doing removing physical reserve from inventory- reservation by entering 0 it not happening. Besides in Inventory transaction for on order and physical reserved has separates created now how do i removes these line and make order status to invoiced.


Once you made partial delivery, system will give you “deliver remainder” and status will still be open order unless that whole customer requirement is fulfilled.

  • Physical reservation was suggested by the system since that is the only physical inventory you have.

  • On-order means you need to produce/ purchase that quantity to satisfy the sales order.

After posting partial delivery to customer and you want to proceed with the invoice, you can post it and in the parameter, make sure to choose “packing slip”.Remember, status will still be open order since the whole requirement is not fulfilled.

To eliminate on-order, make sure you have that 3 physical inventory which you can only have by either purchasing or producing that item.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for your support!!!

I understood your suggestions my problem is for 144 qty physical reverse is done how do i unreserved that.

what would happend while posting in parameter deliver now was selected?



Check there is no activated picking list registration requirements holding the reservation.

Hi Adam, I have a similar situation - for a SO line item, a pick list is holding the reserve, and we are unable to remove the reservation. Is it possible to remove the reservation. (note -we switched the reservation to manual recently). Appreciate it.

I am able to change the reserve from the pick list.