removing locked sesions

As you all know somthimes if a client is not closed well the session stay’s in use within the navision DB. Becouse we only have 25 licenses every license counts. So sessions that are not used anymore are somthimes still in the list of open sessions. Is there a way to close a session like this without restarting the navision service on the server? We have a native Database. It would be handy if you can just say close this session. tanks.

Hi, Try this thread: or search on this: keepalivetime Yours wondering of u get a star for 50 postings still[:D]


3.70 has a session killer for SQL. The next version will have one for Navision Server (native) too.

[:(!]Most servers have a session killer built in. Its that little button on the front with a 0/1 symbol.[}:)] This does need to be fixed.