Removind delay on buttons

Hi all My problem is of the following sort. I have to make an interface for a touchscreen, and there we use buttons for typing in numbers and such. This works fine except for one little detail, which is that the delay after pushing a button and until you can push another is a problem ( About .25 - .5 seconds ). Is there any way of changing this delay, as we a very certain it’s not the code being run by the button. Best regards Henrik

There is a considerable amount of variability in the responsiveness of both touchscreen hardware and driver software. I would suggest you test another driver or moniter brand to see if that makes a difference. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Have you looked in the monitor manual regarding the response time for the touchscreen? The times you are reporting there don’t sound out of the ordinary, from my experience. You may also try different technologies (ie. Resistive as opposed to Surface Wave, etc.) Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Hello again It may be, that the touchscreen have something to do with the delay. Unfortunately we are experiencing the same delay when we run the form on a normal monitor and use a mouse. Regards Henrik

If you “press” a button twice in a row (without doing something else in between), is the response faster the second time? If so, then access to the object from the server is the initial delay. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi Sorry about the long response time, but I don’t work every day. It’s exactly the same response time every time I press the button. I have to wait a little while before the button can recieve a new input. Henrik

Well, if it’s not the server/cache delay and it’s not the functional code that’s executed by the button and it’s not the driver or choice of hardware, what’s left? Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner