Remove the duplicates


i have one form having two tables like table 1 and table 2(table1-header,table2-Line)

table1 having one filed like Contract id and table2 having the fileds like Contract id ,custNO,CustNmae.

Contract Id is the relation between two tables.

My requirement is…

contract Id


contract id CustNo CustName

1000 200 XXXX

1000 200 XXXX

i want to eliminate duplicates of custno and custName

Thanks in advance


Hi Murali,

You can create a index with CustNo and CustName and select the allow duplicates property to No. This should meet your requirement hopefully.


Pradeep Reddy

Hi pradeep,

Thanks for reply. but it is not one table … based on two tables we can eliminates duplicates

Thanks in advance



Do u mean two fields? or two tables?? since u referred to CustNo and name both in the 2nd table and relation is not one of them, index creation should be ok.

let me know if i understood it correctly?

Do I understand correctly that you want to join only one record from Table2 to each record in Table1? What type of join or link do you use? If it’s inner join, you could use GROUP BY. If they’re just linked, not joined, maybe “firstOnly” would be the solution.

Or do you really delete duplicates from database?