Remove the Departments Navvigation pane button in NAV 2009


I have a serious issue concerning the security in the NAV 2009 Role Tailored Client.

Finally we are enabled to configure the roles for the users working with NAV so each user can only access the options he is authorized working with. But through the Departments button in the navigation pane each role can access all other functions.

The problem is that we cannot find a way to hide the Departments button in the navigation pane. Does anyone know a way to do this ?

Thanks a lot for a solution !


You are able to do this by modifying the object from the Object Designer in the classic client. The problem is that this will remove it for ALL users though. Object rather than data permissions can get very complicated. What about putting some code in the object OnOpen trigger to check the roles assigned to the user? If they don’t have the role named ??? then it does not let them run the object.

Thanks a lot !

But which object should be modified ?

The pages do not contain the Departments button

Walk me thru the clicks to get to the button you are wanting to change. I don’t have an NAV 2009 version running that I can readily access, so I’d have to fire up the virtual image. Maybe someone else who has quicker access can tell you exactly what object it is…

I found a solution im MIBUSO:

Have you tried creating Menusuite 1090 and deleting all menus?

The Departments button is still shown but has no content. Its a compromise.

It works - the content of the Departments button disappears and is not even accessible by the Search option in the Role Tailored Client. Thus the role centers no longer have access to the complete NAV functionality. If we need some of the functions, they can be located in the role center menus.

Hi Krassimir,

You can see how to configure role center profiles and hide the departments menu in this post.