Remove registration from return order

Hi all,

Question about registration of items in a return order. I use the return order in combination with warehouse management, so locations and license plates are also applicable.

For now, when I register the items, I select the disposition code scrap, I autocreate the line, fill in the serial number, location and license plate and post it. At the posting moment I receive an infolog: Marking between sales order XXX and sales order XXX exitst, but reservation could not be created according to this/ You cannot create the reservation because it causes an inventory dimension inconsistency. Nontheless the registration is complete.

After that I can post the packing slip, but when I want to invoice, I receive the following error:
Inventory dimension Warehouse is mandatory and must consequently be specified/ Update has been canceled

Before posting the packing slip I want to remove the registration, so I register the item on a right way. This is not possible by

  • removing the marking in the attached sales order (type return order)
  • removing the disposition code on the return line (error: that nothing is available in inventory)
  • removing further markings and/or reservations
  • removing the registration via the update line/registration way

Also canceling the return order (and attached sales order) is not possible because of the registration. Does anybody know if there is another way the remove the registration, without cheating?

Thanks already.