Remove 'Marked' Filter

For some reason, I need to use the SETSELECTIONFILTER(). This will marked the selected records from my form and set the filter to ‘Marked Only’.

Is there any way I can remove the ‘Marked’ filter?

Or is there anyway I can use coding to make my form to View → ‘Show All’

Thanks in advance.

You could try CLEAR(rec) or MARKEDONLY := FALSE

But I think you would be better using a local/global variable of the same table. My guess is you are doing SETSELECTIONFILTER(rec) and you should be doing SETSELECTIONFILTER(variable)

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I am just a beginner in Nav, but your reply just solved my problem.

Actually what I intend to do is use the CurrForm.SETSELECTIONFILTER(Rec) to identify the record selected by user in a form, then copy these record to another table.

Finally I use the MARKEDONLY := FALSE, so that the form will continue to show all the other records which are not selected by a user.

By the way, I use this for the purpose of customization.

Thanks a lot Matt.

Have a nice day ahead!