Remove empty space in RTC reports

Hi All,

I am using Navision 2009 R2. I have set visibility for a particular section in the table box. The visibility is working properly. But when the visibility is false then empty space for that section remains there when I run the report… Can any one help me regarding this one.

currently it is not possible…

Hi Mohana,

Thank you for your reply. Then how the standard reports are running without empty lines.

In Standard reports also if you set visibility false…empty space will be printed in place of that section…

Mohana, this is not true.

When running standard sales invoice (report 206) with and without internal information, you will see that there is no free space for the header lines.

The question is why!

One of the keys that I found here is that it’s important that the Visibility property is not a fixed true or false, but that it has an expression which can be either yes or no, and actually it even works if the expression will always return false.

Also there is the other property called Filters on the whole block, which needs to be set.