Remove Duplicate Items from Item Master AX2012

Hi All

One customer is facing problem of dupicate items being created in AX2012. Can anyone suggest how can we remove this duplicacy from the system?


Hi Akansha,

You can create itemid as unique key. Make an index for it, and set property Allow Duplicates as No.


Well they are not manually creating them, so you have a process that forces items in against standard validation rules. You will need a developer to resolve this if there are any transactions, where there are no transactions just delete the item. I believe this is simply a manual task caused by the method of item creation being flawed.


Where can I do that? Can you give the navigation

Actually there are 60 thousand items so manually it will take too long

Hi Trishant


Where can I do that? Can you provide the navigation or something?


Goto inventtable → goto index create a new index → set idx as itemid → then properties of this index set Allow Duplicates as NO.

If u want to delete the older records u can use code to delete duplicate records.


The InventTable has the unique index(being a primary key). you need not to have a separate index.

How these items being created in the system?

Well you can script a deletion on rules, but FIRST stop the duplication - it cannot be created as standard so you have a process corrupting your system.

Ohkk…thanks a lot

Will try that…thanks