Remove double quotes form .csv file


When I export data from ax to .csv file, the data comes with double quotes(e.g. “Test”).

I don’t want double quotes.

Can anyone help me in this.



That’s how CSV is usually implemented. If you have to worry about it, it seems that what you use for import doesn’t know how to handle CSV.

Maybe you should explain your problem in better detail.

You can use TextIO file which exports the data without quotes.

But in this case , when we open the file in excel all the data comes in one column.

Again, why do you want to get rid of them? They’re important, as you see.

For example, this is a single field: “Amount 5,000.00”.

Amount 5,000.0, on the other hand, is interpreted as two fields (assuming that you use comma as the separator: the first field is Amount 5, the second is 000.0.

You can’t just remove quotes and expect everything to work. They’re not there because somebody wanted to add more characters to the file; they’re there for a reason.


Each record will be displayed in a single line and you can set the delimiter as well.

Could you explain your requirement in detail ?

Hi Prashant,

If you don’t want them in your output, use Find and Replace.

Thanks ,

Arvindh VR