remove comma in decimal field

Hi Everybody,
I want to print decimal field without commas.
Ex: Amount 1,00,000.00
I want 100000.00

Where do you need it? Report/Form/page? Only one place or all places?

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for reply, in Report all places.

Which version of NAV are you using?

If you need it in all places: Did you try by changing the Digit Grouping/Digit Grouping symbol values in Regional Settings?

I am using 2009 Sp2

I will show within the report only.

If it isn’t set up in the report code, then you can check in Control Panel → Region and Language (or Regional setings) → Additional settings… → Numbers (and Currency tab) check the Numbers grouping symbol.

If that doesn’t help, then it is within report code, and you should ask it you partner (or programmer if you licence alows to create/edit reports)

Thank you, ALWAYS remember to write which version your question is about and which functionality you’re having an issue with.

But you should also say if your report is a classic NAV report or a new RDLC based report.

In NAV 2009 you can specify the individual fields to print without the decimals in the Format property directly in the Textbox, Here you can either select a “standard format” with a number, where the default 0 is “<Sign><Integer Thousand><Decimals>” and 1 would be “<Sign><Integer><Decimals>”. You can also “build” your own format. And if you want to print a decimal number without the decimals then the format would be “<Sign><Integer>”.


How can I show the amount in format,

eg: 23,21,32,000

Please reply.

Thank you.


Try this format:

FORMAT(Value[, Length][, FormatStr/FormatNumber])

value = input number,

Length = length of number

FormatStr/FormatNumber = after how many digits to place comma .

Hi Srikant,

Thank you for your quick reply…:slight_smile:

I am sorry, didn’t understand how do I do it. I hope I still need to write it in ‘Format’ property and what do you mean by input number(Variable that I will show in the textbox??)

How would I know the length in advance for the number?

There would be two things required that I guess I would need to mention

1: For comma(,) after 3 digits from Right>> to left i.e 11,000

2: For comma(,) after every 2 digits later 12,11,000

Thank you a ton and all those who are helping people like me.

I am using Navision 2009 R2 and this is classic report where I want to show amount in this format. Also I need to have it only for this report not for all. Although it will be good to know to do it once for all in case required in future