Remove Assisted Setup

I created few assisted setup in my project and then published the solution onto sandbox environment. And did my testing. After that, i wanted to deleted other assisted setup so i deleted them from my project and then published it again. However, the assisted setup keep coming back in the sandbox environment. I’m not sure what is wrong. To try with, i deleted everything from my project and kept a small page extension, but still as soon as i publish my project the assisted set up is coming back. how can i get rid of them ? I unpublished the solution and publised again with no luck.

Please tell us a bit more.

Which version of AX are you talking about? Please always attach a tag with the version, such as AX 2012 or D365FO.

What have you deployed? (.xpo, AOD, model, modelstore, deployable package…)

What do you mean by “unpublishing a solution”?

What do you mean by “assisted setup”?