Remove all modifications in a layer

I accidentally imported my project into the wrong layer. I was wondering if there is a quick way to remove all modification from a layer. Is there a way to only show objects that have been modified in the AOT? Or is there some other way? Thanks in advance Brian

check out files with extension *.ktd in the Client\Bin directory They contain all the compiled code. So, deleting all modifications on a certain layer would mean replacing the corresponding ktd file with a clear version (from newly installed axapta, for example) files are named like this: ax + Layer + languageId

Also, you can go through all the nodes of your project and try removing the changes yourself. But this doesn’t work with all objects. to show all layers of an object you have to turn this feature on in your preferences, and then right-click and object and select “Show layers” or something like that (have a different language installed, so can’t tell exactly) Then removing a usr layer object for example will leave all the previous layers only.

Hi, If you want to remove ALL the changes from a custom layer (like usr,cus,var,bus) simply delete the files ax. and then reconnect into that layer, and Axapta will automatically regenerate those files like in a standard installation. Thanks, Ciprian

Hi Brian, Please make sure you have upto date backup before you try this. Also please try this in a test environment first. And please note that it should be possible to generate a report to view all modifications in a particular layer. The modifications are stored in UtilElements table. Try running ApplObject report under AOT. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks for all your help. I found a way that was actually pretty useful, so I thought I would share just incase someone did not know how to do this. Step 1: Create a new Project Step 2: Double Click on the new project to open it Step 3: Click on filter icon Step 4: Under Grouping choose AOT Step 5: Click on Select Step 6: For utilLevel choose the layer you want to see what was modified Step 7: Click OK to close search window Step 8: Click OK on project Filter This will add all objects to your new project that were modified in the specified layer. Hope this information is useful to someone!