Remote Navision Database Selection

I am connecting to a number of Navision databases in remote locations. When I perform File - Database - Open to log into the remote database, I enter the Server Name, which is an IP address defined in my LMHOSTS file. I leave Database Name blank, and enter my User ID and Password with Database Server Authentication. I do not enter a Database Name, so when I connect, it chooses the location of the database automatically. I have one remote location for which the database that is being automatically chosen is the incorrect database. Does anyone know how to specify which Navision database to use as the default database on the remote server? Thanks for your help!

go to the server, stop the service, add the command [b]database=X:\path\Database file name.fdb", re start the service. ps its worth reading the installation guide.

Hi You can use Microsoft Management Console to solve this problem at the client place