Remote inventory kept on UK sever using Nav 2009 BE

Hello, Can somebody advise on the following please>

We will soon have 6 UK companies up and running using most moduls with Nav 09 BE

We have a company in Romania where we keep most of our raw material stocks and do our manufacturing.

Romania currently keep all their material stocks in Excel on a computer in Romania. Can we set up a warehouse to hold all theRomanian inventory in one of our UK companies (or as a stand alone shell Romanian company) and allow Romania to have remote access for updating and down dating thier stock remotly.

We also need to do costing and update them as material, overheads, and labour changes, for all the items we manufacture, and ideally keep these on one of the UK companies as well but allowing remote access to our Romanian factory. We think Nav BOM is too complictaed for costing all the (fairly small) items we manufacture.

Thanks Andy

Inventory Management - If the Romanian company is a different legal entity then it would be better to hold inventory information in a discrete / separate company in Navision. Pay attention to Master data maintenance and remote acces.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Costing”?

Is this for all manufactured items in all locations or only for Romania?

How complicated / simple are the parts; is this assembly or manufacturing?

So many questions?

Hello thanks for your reply.

By costings I mean all the raw materials, labour cost, and factory overhead cost that are requiered during the manufacturing of our products in Romanian and some in the UK. We manufacture but the products are simple and partly sewn. It is not (I don’t think a BOM) type product. I just want to re-cost all our products in a way that if raw material or labour increases we can easily apply any changes to all the ptoducts. Not all products use the same base materials and prices cab fluctulate.

Thanks Andy

Thank you!

So build another comapny on our UK Navision but only use the inventory aspects for now. We do plan to have our Ro company on Navision as well as stand alone but this is about 18 months away, but in the meantime I wanted to keep all their invontory, and costings of all our products on Nav in the UK until, and probably after they go Like with Nav.


It sounds like the BOM will be too complicated.
How many products are involved?
What has the greates t impact of cost, materials or labour?
Can / could you apply a percentage uplift to cost to reflect changes in the materials / labour?
If you can then investigate the function Adjust Item Costs/Prices.

No problem.
You can run the Inventory without integration to the GL; and this is a good introduction to Navision for new users.
Remember that the quality of the Master Data as well the processes will affect the quality of this solution.

Good luck.


There are about 200 standard products but we do have many specail product orders that then can become repeat orders for X customer.

Materials are the biggest potential component that will change. We could apply a % uplift as you suggest.

Where do I find the function "Adjust Item Cost/Prices) I’m very new to Nav and I’m using Cronus Demo for the time being…


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