Remote development

Hi all. I would like hear out your opinion about remote development in Navision Attain. Which is advantages and disadvantage this method of work? Which parts of process implementation could be given to remote developer (company)? Maybe it is one of these parts: - programming and testing modifications by design specification? - updating versions of Attain? Maybe, is something else? Thanks & regards

Hi, What exactly do you mean by remote development? You can do all you want remotely with for instance Citrix.

If you mean to be a remote Navision developer for a company that you only once in a while meets face to face, then I tried this for some years. I lived in Denmark but worked for a NSC in New York. It’s very demanding for both parts. It requires LOTS of preparation and well documented requirements. But it requires a even better project manager. As a developer I didn’t feel that I could develop personally this way as with a “normal” job, but it gave some personal liberties, like work when you like. So for a period of my life it was perfect. I must also say that it works only if you really know the people that are on the other end, that you visit them at least two or three times a year for one or two weeks. In this period you must make up for the fact that you’re an employee just like them, get to know them better, go out, have dinner, drinks and fun. It’s very important. You must become a real person for them, not just someone on the internet/phone, a real co-worker. Go visit some of your clients, see your work being used. I would love to talk more about this topic, but currently I just don’t have the time to give a good reply.