Remote desktop and Navision

Hi ,

Some of our users dial in from home using the remote desktop to use navision 4.0 sp3 remotely. We are using windowxs authentication.

Problem is that when our users work remotely and disconnect from the remote session (“X”), when they arrive in work and open Navision, they get the following error.

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision

The TCP/IP connection’s ‘host’ is not answering (TCP/IP error ECONNREFUSED).

You can see how to make changes to your ‘hosts’ and ‘services’ files in the documentation for the network. Contact your system manager if you need assistance.


if I force the Navision users to be kicked off the system after a certain idle time, would that solve the issue?

or if i force a logoff on remote windows session after a certain idle time maybe.

any help would be appreciated.



So when they are remote they login to a TS session and open Navision from there?

Then when the come into the office they actually run Navision on their own machines (not via TS) and get the ECONN error?


The connection error is probably not linked to using RDP.

When they login, are you sure they’re not logged in to the computer only instead of the domain?

I guess this error is related to timeouts and not to Terminal Services. Do you have timeouts enabled ?

hi. if the users are connection via VPN link, you should set idle time for the VPN connection. Also you can set an idle time for Remote Desktop users.
i would like to know what TS software you’re using? is this Citrix?


I assume you are talking about Windows Terminal Services (rdp.exe or mstsc.exe)?!?

If so, we have found that clicking on the “X”, doesn’t free the terminal service session. We have to LOG OFF from the machine that we are connected to.

Also possibly a very silly question but, when the users are in the office, are the machines they use properly set up with the hosts and services file?