Remote connectivity in navision

Hi guys, Can we connect navision remotely. I mean to say that if the person is state 1 and he wants to connect to navision which is state 2. But without making a dial up networking. That is thru internet. Like in Axapta which has a Web deployment client. where we can work on axapta through internet. Is something like this be possible in Navision. Jagjeet

Yes it’s possible, I’m in Paris/France and I can connect to all our branches (ie : Belgium) through Citrix … ######

hi tarek, Thx for reply, but can u tell me that what kind of setup do i hv to do at my end if i m sydney n somebody in melbourne want to connect. Bcos i hvnt tried this. so very much new to this. Thx Jagjeet

Sorry Jagjeet, I’ve never installed or set up Citrix so I would not be able to give you the full list of requirements in order to enable such a connection. My Citrix knowledge stops at installing the Citrix client on my machine and setting up the IP addresses for all the sites I want to connect to. Maybe you could call a Citrix reseller in your area, they would be able to give you a quotation for setting up Citrix and some fact sheets on what’s required on both ends. May the bandwith be with you :slight_smile: Tarek ######

thanx man cheers Jagjeet

We use Citrix too, to connect one of our subsidiaries with our Navision server. It’s a complete product package which you have to buy, install, setup and configure, preferrably on a dedicated server. You will have to find a Citrix representative somewhere in your area. It works great and I can only recommend using this approach. – Heinz Herbeck Waagner-Biro AG, Vienna, Austria

I believe that it is possible to get limited attain functionality through the user portal, which is a web based interface to navision. I have very limited experience with it I never really used it aside from installing it on our demo laptop, but it might be good if you want some basic access to navision through a web browser. ~Sergey

Hi Jagjeet, getting Citrix installed and running, is extremely simple and straight forward, just contact your nearest Citrix dealer, and get them to do it . sorry, but I would not suggest you experimenting on Citrix at the cost of your client. I have seen many very successfull Citrix implementations, and quite a few bad ones. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________

Hi Jagjeet, Hope some suggestions may help you: 1. You need to purchase one Citrix-Server(S/w) per Server ideally and 2. Depending on no. of concurrent sessions,you will purchase the Citrix Clients. Both are charged separately. To use the facility: 1. You can either connect thru’ dial-up. Apart from Server installation, you need to install and configure Citrix client at your client location. 2. Connecting thru’ Internet. The conn. thru’ Internet works this way, you need to publish your application(in this case Navision) on the internet which can then be accessed by typing the IP in your browser. In this case you don’t need to install and configure Citrix Client. It uses another product called NFuse also from Citrix. More details & configuration can be obtained from your local dealer. Regards

2 tarek: Citrix is great. But can you print reports from remote database to printer in your office? Is it possible?

To Alexander Shcherbakoff Yes you can, but you need to install the same printer driver on the citrix server. An other way we used, is to use the Thiprint server and client, so you can print on any king of printer without needing a driver on the citrix server. We use it for a year with office in Italy, spain, Morocco and it works great , is easy to install, and is not expensive regarding time saving.