Hi, Can someone give some advice on what are the needs for setting up reminders ? I keep on getting a message like “For some customers reminders could not be created” after I run the create reminders function. “Do you want to see the list ?”. when I select no I get nothing, when I select yes I get a customer list. I guess the customer list is a list of customers for which the function tried to create reminders, but some setup was not done correctly to complete it. - Reminder Nrs are setup - Reminder documents have been set up - Reminder terms, levels and texts have been set up. - Customers are assigned to reminder terms One more general question : where can I find info on error messages ? Thanks, Gunther

Try rerunning the Reminder function on just one of the customers that failed. When Navision is running a batch process (such as many Reminders), error message information is supressed. But when only one is run, the error message displays. Usually doing this is enough to identify the problem. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner