REMID Tool loops continuously!

Hi My objective is to merge 2.6 objects with 3.7 objects. I have downloaded the latest 3.7 Upgrade Toolkit. I need to remove duplicate variable and text constant ID’s from the exported text files for the 2.6 Base and Customer objects. I have read the Upgrade Toolkit documentation on this procedure and it tells me to do the following: 1. Copy the Remid tool to the same directory that the text files are located in. 2. Run the remid comand in the Command Prompt as followes: REMID Each time I try this, the REMID tool reads my 2.8MB text file and generates an outputfile in 1 second with a size of 16KB. The Command Prompt program shows that the tool is still running (it never ever stops by itself. I have to force the Command Prompt to close so I can stop the tool). If I look in the 16KB file it creates, there are only 2 tables! What happend to the rest of the objects? I have run the tool for 2 hours and the file is still 16KB. Is there any information on whether the REMID tool loops infinitely. Can I use another tool do the job. I would appreciate any help I can get. DavidT