Remaining quantity found in inventory Calculation proplem

I have dynamic nav 2009 i want one way from program can by it calculate remaining quantity found in inventory to specified item .

when i open item card and see inventory quantity in item ledger entry table i see negative adjustment and positive adjustment in entry type what the means these two values


  1. What exactly is the problem you encounter with calculating quantities on stock?

  2. Regarding

  • those mean exactly what their names say - adjusting Qty, and mostly are used after stock take to reflect the real world situation in Navision, as writing off lost/damaged/expired merchandise or adding what happened to be found in some dusty corner still present, but written off as gone in earlier inventory counts :slight_smile:

Besides, years ago with Granule licensing, when Item Transfers had to be bought separately, it was a way to move Items between locations, but this usage is extinct now - maybe applicable to correct errors, but no for “normal” movement between Locs.

Now i understand Negative adjustment but Positive adjustment i don’t know when i can using if any one know why i using Positive adjustment please tell me


Inventory count may discover not only shortages - sometimes it discovers that there are MORE items physically on stock, than recorded in Navision. Seems you do not have enough knowledge about real-life processes in stockkeeping, you should have a discussion with your warehouse managers, they can explain to you all this in detail.

Ok can you give to me links or books explain adjustment in inventory on nav if possible please

thanks for help