Remaining Dollar Values in WIP

I have a situation where I have finished production orders with 0 quantity remaining, but there is still a dollar figure attached to it in WIP.

production order for item A had an original quatity of 100. it was output for 150, then 50 were reversed. the order was then changed to Finished status. however, now when I run my WIP valuation for that order, there is still a cost posted to G/L, and in WIP.

is there any way to 0 out these values? i need to have 0 cost in WIP for orders that have 0 quantity remaining on them…

Check and see if you have any components that haven’t been fully invoiced.

How do I do that?

See if u have any received not Invoiced purchase documents.But do not invoice every documents u shud check the components used and see if any docs against these r open. Else u may post unwanted docs as well. [:)]