Remain status = route consumption


I have a production, the remain status is “Route consumption”, but I have route card journal posted. What do I need to do to change the remain status from “Route consumption” to “Report as finished”?


Compare the route to the posted journal, there will be a difference depending upon how and when you are consuming hte route, as you did not tell us this it is a little difficult to comment.

I can’t see any difference between the Production Order route and Route card journal.

The production route is not selected with “Operation Complete”, so it is indeed open expecting more posting, so you have not completed the route so the status is correct. You need to select the “End Mark Route” option when you auto consume your route or create the journal.

Now the route card journal is posted without “Operatoin complete”. And I can’t change the route card journal any more. How can I make it “Operation complete”?


Either post a route card journal with no time and the flag ticked, or reset the status and report.