Releasing Orders, new fuction to me

We are upgrading from one of the first versions of Navision to Nav9 classic, and I found that sales orders have to be released. What is the purpose of releasing an order? What happens after it is released and what is updated in the inventory? We are a distributor of item, no manufacturing at all.

Also, can someone recommend a good training manual for Nav 9 Classic?

Jeff Lavendol

Check this:

We basically use it to differ between orders that are ready to go and ones that are not.

Releasing also calculates fields among other things.

Are you setup to login to Customersource. ask the partner that is doing the upgrade about that.

It contains lots of info you can use.

Releasing order does not affect on your inventory .

It just change the status showing that order is ready for next stage.

release perhapds validates your order and its lines… whether the item and its quantity are properly entered…

it also does the below features.

. calculates VAT on lines. updates VAT on lines.

. calculate line discounts

. release warehouse documents if any…

This is how it makes you order avaiable for the next stage… shipment/ Invoicing