Release/Reopen Orders

Hi, I have a client who finds it annoying to have their orders manually reopen each time they do a shipment. Is there a way to just comment that feature out? I know there is a whole bunch of stuff being arranged by CodeUnit 414 (Release Sales Document), like salestax recalculation. Any ideas?

You might want to look at TestStatusOpen() in Table 37 (Sales Line). Seems easy enough to turn off the checking, but there could be serious side-efffects, so I think caution is advised.

Also, there’s a function called SuspendStatusCheck() that turns-off the order status checking. Again, don’t know what the side-effects would be if you use it.

Thanks Alan, I’ll check it out.

you can call ReleaseSalesDoc.Reopen(Rec);

You will probably have tax issues if you allow changes to Released Orders. I would go with obi and just reopen the order at the end of the posting process.

To assure you, I’m doing changes to Released documents in code in such way that I call Reopen, then make my changes (like inserting some new lines) and again releasing. User never sees that it was open during proccessing. This is called something like “simulating user procedures”. It simulates, what user would do. It automates user input. It is not the fastest code, but it is consitent with manual user input.

Out of curiosity I played around with actually turning off the checking for status=released for an order where tax would be affected. Seems the built-in validation is pretty good - I got an error message disallowing the changes because tax would be affected (did this in 3.70A). Overall tend to agree with Chris…Obi’s suggestion would be the more prudent course.

Actually I’m Robi, but my nickname is ®obi. Sometimes (R) is not displayed correctly on some computers…