Release and reopen Sales Order / Credit Memo / Transfer Order only by a person who created it

Is there a way to enable this ? I can’t find it in my Nav. :frowning:

There is no standard functionality in NAV, you need to customize.

How to customize ?

Please read some basic technical documents or contact your senior in office…

Customization means adding/changing Navision code to meet customer’s requirements, and this is done by MS Partner company - usually that one which implemented the system in your company, but not necessarily the same, it may be another one. You as enduser can not do it yourself, as that doesn’t mean alternating some setup parameters, but programming.

Regarding your initial Q - Navision can be customized as you ask, BUT…

There is no much sense in such change. By releasing the docs are only protected against accidental changes, but not fully, some fields remain editable in Released docs. There is NO other effect of this status change, e.g. docs can be posted with Open status, deleted in Released status and so on.