Relationship between work center efficiency & calculated time

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Why when we reduce work center efficiency, scheduled end time in production order will be postponed but calculated time or work center time not increase?

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It still takes the same amount of time to complete the work, but if 1 hour is only 50 minutes production it means the end time is pushed out.

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Now why when posting time in job card equal to calculated time, the job is ended?In the event that end time is pushed out

because you have the end job flag ticked I guess.

Dear AdamRoue

No the end job flag not ticked.I want to know why when post time equal to calculated time, job is ended no when post time equal to time that is time=end time - start time

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Apologies but I do not understand your question - when you enter time into the job card that is the time posted - how long it took from the start to the finish.