relationship between receipt and invoice.

what is the relationship between a posted receipt and posted invoice if you combine multiple PO’s into one Purchase invoice using the Get Receipt method.

Are you talking the direct programmable/physical relationship or the logical?

Direct programmable/physical relationship. I’m creating a report that needs to drill down from a Purchase Invoice to the Purchase Receipts because each Purchase Receipt is from a different order address. I need to know how to relate the tables from the Purchase Invoice to Purchase Receipt.

One way I can think of is by getting to the Item Ledger Entries for that Purch Inv and then get the Item Ledger Entries applied to the above Or if you look at the logic for Get Receipt you will see that i actually saved the receipt no and line no onto the lines but the fields do not exist on Purch Inv Lines so maybe you could add them and populate them. Regards, Cristi Nicola

The relationship between “Purch. Rcpt. Line” and “Purch Inv. Line” can be accomplished via the field “Order No.”