Hello there, is there a neat, automativ way to find out where a specific field ist related within the database? Example : Table → 225 Post Code Field → 2 City If I want to change the size from text 30 to 50 I also have to change the field in table 18 (Customer), 23 (Vendor) and so on. I am using Version 4.0. Thanks for an answer, Christian

Developer toolkit - Where used function.

Hello Andrew, thanks for your answer. Will I find this Toolkit on the Navision CD or ist this something only a NSC has? Regards, Christian

Forget it, found it on Thanks, Christian

Ok, it seems that I need special Developer Toolkit Objects. Where can I get them, or since I am kind of in a hurry, would someone be so kind to send them to me? Regards, Christian

You can also just create a new form, based on the table ‘Field’. Then you have the option to filter down what you are looking for. Not as detailed as the toolking (looking in other code aspects) though

The objects are not the issue, the problem starts when you realize you don’t have a license.

The objects are in same folder that the dev toolkit is in you need to import them.

Hi Jerry, though on the outset, it looks very easy to expand fields in Navision, it really is not a good thing to do, and it is a process that will haunt you for a long time, (or if you are very very lucky, and loose your job, it will haunt your replacement [:D] ) Really to expand the length of any field in Navision can be doen in a few minutes, you can even just use Search and Replace, but the big issue is in hidden variables, matricies etc. Even work bench won’t find all oinstanceas of that, those you miss will be found by the end user. 2 pieces of advise. 1/ Think very carefully of the concequences of expanding a field. 2/ Use the almost never used feature of this forum, “The Search Tool” and you will find many discussions on the topic.