Relation between Storage dimension and Product dimension

Hi, I have a question: if I use the Color dimension, can I assign a location for each Color related to the same product master.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Pusolano ,

No need to set location for each color.You can same set same locations for the product master.Refer the following…

Released Products->Select product master->Manage inventory tab-> Site Specific order settings.

I know that I can specify a warehouse for all variants related to a product master there. My question was: where can I define a different location for each variant of the same product master? For example: red ball is at location A-12 while the location of a black ball is B-10; being the ball the product master and red and black the variants of the color dimensión.

Thanks Gopinath M

Hi Pusolano ,

have you purchased those products ?..

No, I manufactured them…why is it important?

Hi ,
You can use different sites for different variant while purchasing.After Purchase u can use those items…So only…