Relation between Retail Tables and LedgerJournalTrans


I want to find Ledger Voucher no with respect to Retail transactions. Tables are - RetailTransactionTable, RetailTransactionPaymentTrans, GeneralJournalEntry, GeneralJournalAccountEntry, LedgerJournalTrans, through query.

Please help…

I have salesorderid in RetailTransactionTable and find out Ledger voucher no against respective sales order no.

Tell me table names exactly…From reatail and ledger

Hi Suvarna,


Both the fiels refers same edt->RefRecId

Sales Order no from RetailTransactionTable with status, same record present in RetailTransactionPaymentTrans, GeneralJournalEntry, GeneralJournalAccountEntry, LedgerJournalTrans

Hi suvarna,

Try with Invoiceid…

Invoice in LedgerJournalTrans and InvoiceId in RetailTransaction Table…


What type of transactions it is? If it is invoice, you can use invoiceId and get voucher from CustInvoiceJour.

Sales Order no present in Retail Transaction table and retail payment transaction table with status = Voided / Posted. Same present in GeneralJournalEntry and GeneralJournalAccountEntry. Same voucher present in LedgerJournalTrans. I want to link all this tables.

What you are trying to get, by linking all those table?

Hi ,
Refer this link…