Relation Between purchTable And PurchLine


where the relation between purchtable and purchline is given.i try to find but didn’t got anywhere.Please any one can tell me where this relation is given.

The relation is on the EDT PurchId. Remember that on DAX 2009 relations are set also on EDTs. For DAX2012 relations should be established on Relations node on Table and not anymore on EDTs.


As the previous poster mentioned, check the relationship node under ‘PurchId’ EDT. These type of relationships are ‘implicit relationships’ and it is the common type of relationship in Dynamics AX.

Mainly 2 points

  1. purchID b/w two tables relation

  2. Forms<< PurchTable << Design << Design << Group Line<< overview << grid <<properties << datasource


You can find relation between PurchLine and PurchTable on Purchline.PurchId == PurchTable.PurchId on PurchLine relation on Table level and on the datasource level on Form in PurchLine you have to set joinDataSource to PurchTable


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