relation between DuDate of CustTransOpen table and DocumentDate of CustTrans Table

What is the relation between DuDate of CustTransOpen table and DocumentDate of CustTrans Table?

Also, from looking at a table how do i find out how are the fields getting populated ?

I don’t think there’s a direct relation. The due date is based off the payment terms assigned during at entry of the invoice. This usually defaults from the customer, but it doesn’t have to. Also, I believe the due date can be overwritten manually when the invoice is posted.

The payment terms are applied to the document date, though, to calculate the appropriate due date. But again, it’s not a rigid constraint - it can be overwritten upon invoice.

Hey Jake, Thanks for the clarification,
I was wondering if you could help me with finding out where a particular column in a table (in this case the Document Date within the CustTrans table) is getting populated. I need to pull document date in one of my reports but the field is empty within the table which is giving me the default (1900-1-1). I am thinking if I can trace where the column is getting it’s data from I think I can identify where the problem is.

Please let me know if you can help me on this?

There’s three main dates on an invoice: invoice date, document date, and due date. The invoice date is the date that will be the financial posting date. The document date is meant to represent the date on the invoice you send out - it’s this date that payment terms are applied to to calculate a due date.

If you leave the document date blank when posting an invoice, the CustTrans record has no value. I would think you’d want to do something like a conditional statement where you use the document date if it’s filled in and if not, use the invoice date (TransDate).

Thanks Jake, I’m gonna try to use this info to fix my document date being empty in my current report.

As a developer, you can also look at the cross references of any field to know how it is being populated (apart from the user selection).

Hey Kranthi,
What exactly do you mean by cross references of any field? Where do i find it and how is it useful to me?…/aa626961.aspx, this will help you to understand.