Relating tables, not on primary key

I am a relatively inexperienced developer and need some basic help. I would like to assign each sales order to an employee. I have made a new field, “Assigned” in table 36, Sales Header. I set the relationship for the field to the employee table. My only problem is that the field I want to stored in the Sales Header is the Search Name, not the employee number. How do I do this? Note: Each Search Name is Unique

You definitely want the link to the employee table to be by the employee number. This gives you easy access to all the fields in the employee table with a simple GET - Employee.GET(Assigned) for displaying employee related data on reports, etc. You can also define FlowFields on the sales header table to perform this lookup for you; for example, CalcFormula - Lookup(Employee.“Search Name” WHERE (No.=FIELD(Assigned))). Just remember to do a CALCFIELDS on any such FlowFields before trying to use them anywhere in code.