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Hi all! Some ideas or work around into Navision are needed please.( I dont have Service mgt). Company XYZ buys and rent to its customers " Waste container" . Those container differs by color and lenght. → I have decided to create items with variant = color ( i.e: Blue; Black) and Category = weight ( i.e: 360L; 240L;…). I have to types of sales: 1. Sale those containes to people i.e: John; Bill… 2. Rent some units of those containers municipality i.e NY city; Boston city; etc… This is an exemple of the process flow used for the case 2: 1. In November 2004 ; The municipality signs a renting contract for 10 years ( between 01-01-2005 and 12-01-20014) and for 104000$; Interest is 8,04%. In january 2005; the customer is invoiced by 1263,11$ In February 2005; the customer is invoiced by 1263,11$, etc… until December 2014 How can I manage that scenario into Navision ? Work around ideas or Add On ideas are welcome. Thanks.

Your initial order and invoice removes the item (?) presumably at cost and one months sales price, or transfer it to an appropriate location to retain ownership. Then use recurring sales journals to invoice the customer every month.