Related to COA Ledger account Balance


This is related to COA Ledger Account balance.

Normally if for Ex : one Ledger having Debit Rs.100/- and Credit Rs.100/- ledger account balance will show Zero correct, in the transactions tab will show two transactions and BALANCE TAB transaction on balance tab will show two line transactions it is correct.

But here client have two companies one is main another one is branch company.

Branch company run the p&L transfer to Profit &Loss appropriation account automatically, in the ledger account transaction will show Period Code field : Closing in Chart of account. P& L Appropriation Debiting of Rs.100/-

Same amount they will pass revers entry manually to debiting main company crediting P&L Appropriation a/c. this time COA ledger balance will show ZERO correct. this ledger transaction Period Code field : Normal in Chart of account.

But in client place it is showing balance is Rs.100Cr. it is not showing Zero balance.

It is not considering Closing transaction in COA it is taking only manual transaction.

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