Regression testing tool for Axapta

Hiiiiii I am searching about regression testing tool for Axapta, but as I found right now no regression testing tool available for Axapta. Some developers are thinking to develop new tool or trying to use JUNIT/DBUNIT/NUnit tool for regression testing but could not succeed yet. Please if somebody has information about it reply back. Regards Supriya[:)]

Hi, There is an internal Bencmarking tool inside axapta. It must be activated by the configuration key and it is found in the File-Open-Menu-Benchmarking. The product works well with axapta 2.5 and 3.0 from sp3 upwards. With this tool you generate a test company and then run test scripts which generate transactions into axapta. One Axapta client acts as a cockpit and starts the other clients to run scripts. One physical workstation produces transactions over 10 times compared to one human end user. br,