Registering invoices

Hi! In our company we have quite a common business-process of purchasing goods: we send purchase order to vendor and make advance payment. It usually takes several month from sending an order to vendor to receiving shipment. We want to register each order in Navision and trace shipment from two points: what part of shipment is paid and has our warehause received this shipment. What part of shipment invoice is paid we can see in the Remaining Amount column of the list of posted ledger entries of the vendor. But how to track if our shipment is somewhere or it has already been received? Thanks in advance. Yegor.

We had a similar problem with one of our customers. What we did was: Create a new virtual Location and call it Harbour (or whatever) Receive the PO into that location instead of real warehouse. Create a TO from virtual location to target location Ship this TO Result: You can immediately post the invoice, but the goods are not yet available for selling/counting or whatever in the warehouse. As soon as the goods arrive, you receive them against the TO and that’s it. Your Navision Partner will most probably be able to help you to automate the steps.