Regd : Production module in AX 2012


This is Harsha from india and i am working as a design engineer in a power sector company and recently i started learning AX 2012 - production module and i have no idea about this earlier and i request you to give me some idea about journals used in this module and how to post them.

As per my knowledge journals will be created automatically when we start the PO process.Please clarify me in detail

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Harsha vardhan

No journals will not be automatically created at start, it depends upon your settings.

I suggest you get onto customer source and read the manual.

Thanks Adamroue

Here i have one more query,while creating production order if the stock is not available in the inevntory we have to go to movement journal in inventory management module and create the item there and my doubt is it is asking for offset account,ledger account for inventory,inventory profit not specified.Kindly solve my problem that how to set the offset account and its significance

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Y.S.Harsha vardhan

Obviously in normal processing you would not simply create stock by a movement journal.

To resolve this on a movement journal you simply specify the account.

If you use a profit and loss the item group posting groups will need to be set.

Profit and Loss is like a movement journal but you cannot specify the offset account.

Even after creating the movement journal and posting it i am not able to start the production order and the error it is showing is stock not available.Even after creating the movement journal for the item that is shortage in the inventory why it is asking for stock again

Because you have put it in the wrong place. BOM will consume from where defined based upon the dimension group of the item. Why are you posting at start anyway?