Regaring Report

Hi all, I have created three dialog fields (one check box, 2 Date fields) for my report in my class. I used the Runbase Report class. User enters the value in these dialogs and report is outputted using these conditions. But I want when the check box is clicked, the other two dialog fields ( Date fields) should automatically filled up by some default data. This is easy when we work this on Forms. But how this can be done in my case? Is there any method/way to do , in the class??? One more doubt : is there possible to create radio button dialog fields. Thanks in Advance Aks

Hi Amar, IMHO, if you want to have a richer UI for your user, try using a form instead of a dialog. It is easier to work with forms (I am sure you are already aware of that :p) To the best of my knowledge, what you wanted to achieve cannot be done using dialogs. If someone knows how to do it, please share with us :slight_smile: Regards.