Regarding Unit of Measurement

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In a report, i need to filter record and also one filter i have to set for currency… According to which currency i have taken, the data should convert to that currency… How to do currency conversion?

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Not clear of what you are exactly looking for, but you can use Currency::curAmount2CurAmount(100,‘USD’,‘EUR’); to convert amount in one currecy to the other…

Hi Kranthi,

There is a date filter, vendor filter and next is currency filter…Some companies, they have 4 types of currencies…They can have any type of currencies also…For PO details for particular vendor, the PO amountMST should be displayed with the type of currency selected by the user. That may be any type of currency… In STD Ax, is any currency conversion method is there…I cant do it by formula , coz the user can add new currncy type in future… So how could i accomplish this issue?