Regarding to serial No. field


I am new user in MS Dynamics, Using the MS Dynamics Navision 2009 version, Working on Cronous company.

I have some dificulties regarding to Serial No. field in ITEM table.
While I am posting any entry there is an error…Serial No. is required
But for that entry I already given the serial No.

This problem is not for any specific entry ,it is for all entries. But whenever I posted it by negalecting such field it would be posted sucessfully.

Anybody can help me , I am not able to understand this problem.


Do you mean posting an entry from the Item Journal?

The error means that you did not select any Serial No in the Numbering for for the item.

In the Item card, tab “Item tracking”, I assume you have selected an “Item tracking Code”. You also have to select a “Serial No.” underneath. This will define the serail numbering of the Item entries.

You should now be able to post. If you want to see Serial No and/or Lot # for a given item, look at the “Item Tracking Entries” from the item card. You can also use the “Item Tracking” page to track a specific lot/Serial.

Is it what you were looking for?

Thanks Jacques,
I already selected the Item tracking code and the serial no. from the Item card, tab save it properly.
But when I created the Production order through the RTC , and in the released state whenever I would like to post it then there is the same error occurred i. e . “Serial No. is required
for ITEM No. 1000”
I don`t know why this error are genarated even after assigning these fields.can anybody help me…!

Oh! :open_mouth: I get it now

So, you did everything right. Now since the item is serial managed, when you try to post a Production Order, you have to select a Serial Number so that NAV creates new items.

Here is how you do it:
From the Production Order, select the line → Click on the lightning (upper right corner of the line section) → Select “Line” → Select “Production Journal” → Click on the item 1000 (Last line if you backflush). → Click on “Related information” → “Line” → Select “Item Tracking lines”…This is where you have to enter the serial numbers for the finish good. It is the same if you are consuming item with serial and/or Lot #.

From there ->Click on “Action” → “Functions” → Here you have 2 choices:
“Assign Serial #” will use the numbering series from Nav (Field Serial No in the Item Card)
“Create customized Serial#” will enable you to use any given serial #

After you selected “Assign Serial #” or “Create customized” → Click on "Ok.
You are now back on page “Item Tracking lines” for your item. Notice that you now see one entry per serial.
You can now click on “Ok” → You are now back to the Production Journal…ready to post it!

Dont hesitate if you have a question,


Hi ,

I would like to thank Jacques Bolduc , he guided me in correct path. I got a proper solution of my


Thanks a lot for your suggestion .




You are welcome !
Keep in mind that this applies to every transactions related to Serial or Lot #. not just in the Production Order but also when you receive, ship, transfer, etc
One last thing, if you do that procedure and dont see your serial #, check the location. Dont forget to use the “Item Tracing” page…a great tool to track Serial/Lot #

Have a good day!