Regarding to Inventory Updation of Raw material


I am new user in MS Dynamics, Using the MS Dynamics Navision 2009 version, Working on Cronus company.

I am facing the problem regarding to the inventory updation of raw material. I create a production order of Bicycle (Before that I create the BOM of ITEM 1000 bicycle )

Type No. Description Quantity per Unit of Measure Code Scrap % Principal Input Routing Link Code
Item 1100 Front Wheel 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1200 Back Wheel 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1300 Chain Assy 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1400 Mudguard front 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1450 Mudguard back 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1500 Lamp 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1600 Bell 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1700 Brake 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1800 Handlebars 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1850 Saddle 1 PCS 0 No
Item 1900 Frame 1 PCS 0 No

In Item tracking line I give the Serial No. & Lot No.

Change the status of production order as Planned Prod. orders —> Firm Planned Prod. orders —> Released Prod. orders .

After the posting of such Released Prod. order there is the quantity of bicycle is updated (increases) ,Lot No. , Serial No. , Expiration calcualation everthing is correct.

But there is no change in the Raw material which are used in BOM of bicycle.

Can anybody help me…! I am confusing that why the Quantity of Raw material is not updated .



Hi Did you change the prod order status to finish? Did you have qty on raw mat in the prod journal?

Thanks Jacques,

I already change the prod order status to finish ,and I have the sufficient qty of raw material in the production journal.

Only quantity of Finished good is updated , but not for raw material.

Can anybody help me.


So the flushing method is manual and you never posted the consumption journal.