Regarding third party GRN & Invoice

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One of my user is asking for creating third party GRN and Invoice.

If suppose he raised PO for XYZ vendor but XYZ vendor also receive material from ABC vendor.

so my user wants to create GRN for ABC vendor & want to create invoice for XYZ.

please suggest.

Thanks in advance.



Why? You have not received the goods, it is with the vendor, it has nothing to do with you at this stage and certainly has no ledger impact.

Agree with Steven here. Why do you want to update your product receipt when quantities actually received at your vendor and you didn’t receive yet.

Not sure about your client’s requirement but if they want to pay the party XYZ for the goods you receive from ABC then ideally you should do the following.

  1. Create ABC & XYZ vendors in AX.

  2. Map XYZ vendor as Invoice account for ABC vendor.

  3. Create PO for ABC vendor.

  4. Receive the material against the PO and then register invoice for the received quantities.

  5. This will hit the invoice account vendor XYZ.

Note: This is similar to the case if you had created PO for XYZ vendor so above will help only for record keeping.

Thanks kiran,

Its working now.

Hi aadi, Please verify the solution, if the answers really helped you.