Regarding the Post Inventory Cost to G/L

Dear All,

is there any possibility to speed up the “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” report in dynamics nav ? Currently it takes 4 hours to post the Entries in one day.

Hope to know all your ideas regarding this.

Thank you.

Do you have an idea how large your entries are? Do you run the report during working hours or out of hours?

The reason is client has not run the report from last year July month, this client is doing the large retail business process. Normally they have around 500000 sales transactions per day. No we do not run the report in working hours

What version does this customer use?

You need to optimize (re-build) the keys often also.

When I used NAV 5.0 for 1 my e-commerce job (we had to post up to 10 000 parcels per day with on-fly without any problem) we tune the code by investigation the SQL request (but I’m not experienced in SQL and used my colleague for it)

we are using 2017 LS version

I am guessing you are not running the report every day and only periodically ? I believe those are big number of transactions and that could be reason of running slow and the fact that this has not been run from last year.

IMRAN, it is LS and you can run it after close the day procedure + LS added some functionality for this part.

Nisalhasitha, could you write when you run costprice procedure and this report? what is the time for it if you close just 1 store?